Happy New Year!

Maila halom! Welcome to Reconstructing Wonderland. As you might have guessed, or read in the subtitle, I became a little tired of waiting for Wonderland and decided to reconstruct it. For those of you who have not visited my old blog, Waiting for Wonderland, I’ll try to give you a little background information. My name is Drea. I live on the island of Guåhan, commonly referred to as Guam and Waiting for wonderland was my depository for all my thoughts, rants, dreams, and a bunch of random DIY and general life posts.

This new blog will focus on a lot of the same themes as my old blog, but hopefully it will promote more action, in myself and my readers. Reconstructing Wonderland will be updated more consistently and be a bit more structured, or planned, I hope. At least that is my goal. I’ve actually been planning this resurrection for a few months, but I thought it would be a good idea to really think it through and start at the New Year. I guess it is an informal resolution of sorts. A lot of this blog will focus on informal resolutions, like my attempt to get healthy and fit, grow as an artist in business (learn to hustle), level up my sewing and DIY skills, as well as promote community awareness and involvement, locally, regionally, and globally.

If you choose to follow my blog, you’ll get see a lot of pictures of my dog, Viva, and maybe some blurry pictures of my cat, Merlot, running away from me. You might get some cooking tips, you know, the kind that are usually labeled what not to do when trying out recipes you find on Pinterest. Speaking of Pinterest, you’ll get to see my attempts at recreating great crafty pins, with random stuff I’ve been hoarding in my apartment, as substitutions for actual store bought craft materials. And as a bonus, if you subscribe now – or not, you’ll get to read about the issues facing my island and the world, as I go through the many news subscriptions in my inbox that make me cringe every morning. I promise to throw in happy news too. Wonderland is about balance, or at least that is how I am attempting to reconstruct it. So all of that and much much more, for the reasonable price of some of your time and a bit of space on your blog reader.

A special Sainas Ma’åse to the readers who are visiting from Waiting for Wonderland.

And if you have read this far, Thank you, too!



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