Because I love bacon, butter, and bread

I haven’t worked out consistently since my freshman year in high school. That was a very long time ago. I keep telling myself that I’m going to do this and sometimes, I even start. Every time I start, I obsess over it for a few weeks and then slowly start to extend the number of skip days, where I lounge around after work doodling and having Netflix marathons. I make excuses about how tired I am from work or how I need something to motivate me.

I joined Spark People twice. I ordered two hula hoops, bought a Wii, a couple jump ropes, weights, a yoga mat, and own 3 tribal belly dance DVDs. These things come out about once or twice a year, but mostly just collect dust.

The one thing I don’t usually do, is make my desire to get fit public. I’ll joke about it to friends, but I don’t usually present it as a serious thing. I think that keeps me unaccountable. I even had a secret pinterest board for workouts. Yes, I wasted one of my only three secret boards, on getting fit, something we should feel good about.

That is why I’ve decided to put this out there and blog about it. I really want this and if going public shames me in to sticking with it, then it’s worth it. I would love to say that I want to get fit solely to improve my health and lengthen my life. Sure those benefits are cool too, but really I want more energy to do things, things like party all night once in a while. I get lazy and sleepy half way through getting ready now. And of course I want my waist back and I don’t want to have to worry about the angle someone is snapping a photo of me from.

So what is my plan? Well, I made that Pinterest board public. It is my “because I love bacon, butter, and bread” board. I’ve been pinning info graphics, videos, and the occasional comedic relief workout image.

I’ve even started watching AND working out to some of the videos. I really like the Blogilates series. And I found this great tribal fusion belly dance meets yoga workout. I’ll be sharing these videos, as well as the ups and downs of my adventures in working out, in the Fit section of this blog. You can look forward to video reviews and info on the best places to walk, jog, or run on Guåhan. If I’m lucky I might be able to get Viva to do some yoga with me. Have you seen that video on You Tube, of the woman and her dog doing yoga? Look that up! Even a dog can do it, yet I have such a hard time. *sigh*



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