Imagine Guåhan: It has begun!


“Hit a wall in your search for artistic opportunities?  Paint the wall or turn up the bass until it crumbles.  As long as we believe in ourselves and each other we can help grow an industry for Guåhan based on local talent.  We can quit having to leave and we can call our family and friends home.”   Starving Artists’ Soup Kitchen 

Some time in early 2013 a few artists got together for drinks, live music, and to share a dream.  As the months went on more chairs were added and the venues changed.  We even brought in our salesman / non artist , who I eventually pulled the artist out of.  You know how I love collecting first paintings.  But through it all, the dream remained the same.  As we sat there over beers and whiskey or coffee and smoothies, we put our heads together to manifest Imagine Guåhan, an e-zine promoting and supporting local artists.


We launched the site on the first of January.  The site isn’t yet at it’s full potential, but we’re really excited about what is to come.  And we feel that others should be too.This is a resource that, as artists, we wanted to be able to access, but it didn’t exist.  We knew it would be extremely helpful for artists and appreciators, but no one was putting it together.  So we said, “Why not us?!”  And got off our asses and are making it happen.

So please join my new family in celebrating Guåhan’s artists, by visiting Imagine Guåhan and liking our Facebook page.

Biba Imagine Guåhan!


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