Body and mind

This beautiful sunset was captured by Colleen Weller.

Isn’t that beautiful? I’ve started walking with my friend, Colleen. We go to the Dededo Sports Complex. When we go around 6 p.m. that is the view we get treated to. It makes exercising a lot more enjoyable.

I’m really enjoying the walking. While we’re walking we do a lot of brainstorming for projects, we get the day’s stress of our chests, and refocus on our individual goals. So it’s become a body and mind workout.

On the nights when we don’t get to go walking I try to get in other workouts. A couple nights ago I took my hoop off the wall and did some cardio hooping. A couple days before that I did a Blogilates arm workout.

So far I think I’m doing okay with my fitness resolution. I just need to come up with a routine, that I can stick too.

How are you doing on your resolutions? Anyone else trying to get fit? Have any tips to share?


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