Nails, Coco’s Oil, and Missha


I have an addiction.  I do my nails at least once a week.

 Some people go to the gym, bake, or drink, I do my nails.  It’s relaxing.

If you’re like me and you do your nails a lot I suggest adding coconut oil to your nail care regimen.  I started using coconut oil instead of the usual cuticle oil because it is way less greasy and smells so good.  It contains vitamin E and is said to strengthen your cuticles and nails while also helping to prevent infections and fungus.  Yuck.

coco's oil

I use Coco’s Oil because it is locally produced and smells like coconut candy, which I love.  My friend, Colleen, makes this amazing oil and she’ll be guest blogging soon.  I’m also thinking about doing a give away for Valentine’s.  Hmmm…


A few weeks ago, I discovered Missha, this great store at the Micronesia Mall that sells beauty products from Korea.  Their products are really affordable and packaged nicely.   The staff is friendly, but not pushy.  And they have some really great glitter nail polish.  Big. Chunky. Glitter.  🙂


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