The Beautiful and the Damned

Has anyone read Fitzgerald’s, The Beautiful and the Damned? It was really hard to get through, but I felt that it was worth the struggle. You know, it’s nice being able to say I’ve read some thing of his, besides The Great Gatsby. I think, in some ways, this book showed a less glamorous side to the era and provided a bit of balance. I could relate to parts of the story and at the same time I was just annoyed with some of the actions of the characters. If you start reading it, and have a hard time keeping interested, push through. You can do it!

I actually read it because I heard that it might have been influenced by his life with his wife, Zelda Fitzgerald, who intrigues me. She was a writer also, but she was also a dancer and a painter. They had an intensely passionate relationship, which was hardly ever healthy for either of them.

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