Pern: The Dragon Riders & The Harper’s Hall

anne mccafrey, dragons, reviewsdaytuesdayThe first time I laid eyes on a portal to Pern was on my parent’s bookshelf. The thick book was old and worn. It actually looked like a well loved bible. I almost passed it over, but decided to take peek. I asked my dad if I could borrow it, once I realized it’s winged characters were covered in scales and not white flowing robes. It’s been years and I still haven’t returned it. This might be because Viva ate the first thirty or so pages, when she was a puppy.

Anne McCaffrey gave her readers this amazing world where fantasy and science fiction meet so perfectly. The Pern series is filled with tender moments of love and loss, and action that makes you cringe in fear and jump in excitement.

“Drummer, beat, and Piper blow
Harper, strike, and soldier go
Free the flames, and sear the grasses
Til the dawning Red Star passes”

I love it when a story seems to go on forever. I like movies with sequels, at least when they’re done right. I hate it when my favorite T.V. Shows get cancelled and the story ends so suddenly. Please bring back Firefly. Please. This must be why I have absolutely fallen for the inhabitants of Pern, the ones with legs, wings, and fins. I love them all. Their stories seem to go on forever. I own quite a few of the books, from the Pern series, but there are so many more missing from my collection. I love that it feels like it may never end. And I have read all of the ones in my collection at least twice. In fact, it is about time I reread a couple of them.


2 thoughts on “Pern: The Dragon Riders & The Harper’s Hall

  1. Pern! I haven’t returned there in years…I absolutely devoured those books when I was in middle school. Perhaps it’s time to revisit, hm?
    Also, thanks for stopping by my site and commenting on my book review. Hope you enjoy ‘Making History’ when you get a chance to read it. 🙂


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