Pågat. I hope to see you there.

pagat, guam, university of guam

University Theater closes its 2013-2014 season with the play Pågat, written by local writers Dr. Michael Lujan Bevacqua and Victoria-Lola Leon Guerrero, directed by Michelle Blas, and featuring choreography by Vince Reyes of Inetnon Gef Pa’go.
Pagat explores the complexities of cultural identity and change through the lives of four modern young adults and the memories of a cast of spirits, who share key moments in the history of the Chamoru people. The play is set in a latte site in the jungles of Pågat. The play also conveys the essence of the word Pågat, which means to advise or give counsel, as both the modern characters and the ancient spirits help each other work through personal struggles with identity, culture, and destiny.

DATES: April 24-26 and May 1-3

TIMES: Doors open at 6:30 p.m., Play starts at 7 p.m.

PLACE: University of Guam Fine Arts Theater

ADMISSION: $10.00 general admission, $7.50 students and seniors and FREE for all UOG and GCC students with student ID or schedule. Tickets can be purchased at the UOG box office on performance nights.


You can learn more about Pågat from these links:

Pågat on Guampedia

Pågat – one of the 11 most endangered historic places on the National Trust for Historic Preservation

We are Guåhan -the video, We are Pågat, is linked on their website.  The video is a great resource if you’d like to understand the issue more.

pagat, guam, cliff
from my hike to Pågat

2010 was intense year for our island. For me it was really the year I found my voice, through art and action, with the help of my community and blogging. Up until that year I was totally unaware of just how much I loved my home. I had never been that moved by fear and passion. It was a year filled with crying, connecting, growing, and questioning. I think, like many in our community, I’m still going through PTSD from it all. But I’m proud of us all, because we finally said No.

pagat, guam, butterfly

Pågat related blog posts from 2010 on Waiting for Wonderland:

One of the many reasons why Pågat is so important – a video from a Pågat hike with information about it’s importance.

Some appreciated help for Pågat – a news article about the U.S. law firm that took on the Pågat case.

Come together – a video from the rally

More on the Pågat rally – 2 videos, a slideshow, and my reaction to the rally

Biba Pågat – posted after I got home from the rally, my immediate reaction to the event

Liberate Pågat – A post about what I did on “Liberation Day” 2010.

Emotional in Wonderland: And I don’t care who likes it or not – An extremely emotionally charged post about the backlash aimed at people speaking up against the DEIS and the Build Up.

Indoor hobbies can’t replace the experience at Pågat – A Marianas Variety article titled, “Military to hikers: Take up indoor hobbies.”

Pågo na ha’åne. Today. – a hike to Pågat, pictures, and a little vocab lesson.



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