Not Available on Guam: Art Supplies

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My mother had to go to Arizona, earlier this week, for her job. She asked me if I needed any art supplies while she is there. I really only need the Copic ink refill, for my E00 marker. I use it for everything. But I thought it would make for a good blog post to point out one of the prices of living in paradise.

Both local art supply stores sell ink. They sell sumi ink and india ink and sometimes whole set of color ink pots. They do not sell pen holders or nibs though. I asked a sales clerk once what they expect me to use the ink with. She looked so confused, like “Lady, there are ball point, gel, and felt tip pens in the same aisle.” Oh well. Maybe I need to start making bamboo pens. We have lots of that.

One of the stores sells Prismacolor products. I like the color pencils, but for markers, I want Copics. And I really want to try out Derwent’s Inktense line.

I haven’t seen too many varieties of X-Acto handles and blades. I have a pretty decent handle already, but the up there seems like it will be a lot more comfortable when I’m spending hours at a cutting mat. The modified #11 blades have a thicker base which makes them stronger when you’re cutting a lot of curves. They claim that they are less likely to break.

If you live on Guam and have seen any of these products locally, please let me know. Or if there are some art supplies that you think should be added to the list, let me know in the comments. If you live somewhere else, do you have a hard time finding certain art supplies locally?

If people like this Not Available on Guam thing I will probably do more. Let me know. Thanks.

Special note for my mom: Saina ma’åse! Have a safe trip!!


6 thoughts on “Not Available on Guam: Art Supplies

  1. Dawl, I will try my very best to get you all those things. Any special size nibs? How about pen holders? I certainly don’t want you having yo make it out of bamboo. Although, I do have a dead bamboo plant in my garden. You might be able to make holders are of those. 🙂

    Guaiya hao!


    1. Haha. The only specification I have for the nibs is pointed. The flat ones are for better for lettering. I don’t know how to do that yet. And I have a bunch of pen holders. Thank you though.
      Guaiya halo lokkue. ( is that right? )


  2. Hi!

    Which store on Guam sells PrismaColor pencils? I had no idea they were available on island!

    I bought my first Copics in Japan this past February, and I’m hooked. I bought more when we went back in April, and my husband buys me a few more each time he goes on travel to the states. I wish I had bought more in Japan, because they were less than $3 each.



    1. Hafa adai, Cheryl.

      You can get Prismacolor pencils at Standard Office supply. They’re next to Taco Bell in Tamuning. They also sell Prismacolor markers, but every time I have tried them they seem dried out, or like they will be dried out soon. I think they over order and end up with old stock.

      $3 Copics?! You need to bring some back and sell them! I wish someone sold them here. 😦 we’re also lacking a place to buy quality watercolor pans. I don’t like tubes much.


      1. Thank you so much!

        I found your blog when I was googling to see if there was anywhere on Guam that sold copics, by the way, in case you were wondering. 😉

        Yeah, I was shocked at the copic prices in Japan, but it makes sense since they are a Japanese company. The Ciao markers were only ¥267 each, and the Sketch ones were a little more. I wanted to buy more, but I was overwhelmed by all the color options. Haha!

        I’ll check out Standard this weekend. I mostly use markers for my art (I draw on my kids’ lunch bags every day), but I at least need white pencils, and PrismaColor are my favorite.

        If you’re interested, I post my work on tumblr:

        Thanks again!


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