Womanagerie, Mar-Vic Cagurangan’s one woman exhibit

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This past Wednesday I went to the opening night of Mar-Vic Cagurangan’s, Womanagerie. If you live on Guam you may know Mar-Vic from her column, Flights, in the Marianas Variety. She is a captivating writer. What you might not know is that she makes jewelry and doesn’t just create art, but she teaches art. Along with Lucas Storts, Mar-Vic taught this year’s Creative Spirits classes for Guma Mami, Inc.

I’ve seen Mar-Vic’s art work in previous Creative Spirits shows and The Filipino Artists Association shows. She also has a piece hanging on the 2nd floor of the Personal Finance Center building. She is also a regular contributor to the annual Women’s Art Exhibit.

Her artwork is vibrant and daring. It presents femininity in a strong and lively way. It really is her spirit materialized on canvas and for the occasional piece, in 3D. She is extremely resourceful and sees the beauty in the random objects many people would just throw away. I’m pretty sure she has a stash pile labeled, “stuff I can use for a future project,” that could rival even mine.

art, guam
The artist, Mar-Vic Cagurangan and I.

If you get the chance head over to Guma Tasa, in Mangilao, and check out her show. Guma Tasa is a coffee shop by day and bar by night. I recommend the Mango Sunrise tea and the turkey panini. Both are gof mangge’ and very affordable. They are also major supporters of the arts and community.







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