Creative Spirits


This Friday you have the wonderful opportunity to view and bid on artwork to support a really great cause. This is something that is very close to my heart. My mother is the director of Guma Mami, so I see first hand what the staff and volunteers do. I see how hard they work towards their mission and how that mission is at the mercy of funding availability.

What is that mission exactly? Well, Guma Mami provides support to individual with disabilities. They have two group homes, not institutions, that help create a comfortable living atmosphere for individuals with disabilities. They really are homes, too. They are part of the community and even host a fiesta every year.

They also provide services for individuals with disabilities who are living on their own. They help with trainings and certifications. They provide day activities and awareness campaigns. Of course my favorite thing that Guma Mami does is the Creative Spirits workshops.

The annual workshop is something that I think the clients and the community looks forward too. For the clients it is art therapy and because they keep the money made from their artwork, it is also a source of income for individuals who are on a fixed income. For the community the Creative Spirits auction is an awareness campaign and a chance for us to get together and enjoy art, music, wine and each other’s company for a night of friendly competitive bidding.

This is also a great opportunity for art collectors to purchase artwork at really great prices, while also supporting the great cause. Many Local artists donate artwork to the auction every year. The money made from the donated work helps supplement Guma Mami’s funding. It is a great way to discover emerging artists, too.

Please join us on Friday. You won’t regret it!


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