One of our own, Pia Mia

I had a very interesting opportunity recently. I went to a dinner show featuring Pia Mia, the Guam born singer/song writer. Honestly, I don’t know too much about Pia Mia and I really wasn’t expecting to enjoy the show. I felt a bit guilty being there and taking a spot that a young fan could have had.

The show was at the Westin Resort. I always enjoy the food and service at the Westin, but seriously they out did themselves for this event. Everyone was so pleasant and seemed genuinely happy. After picking up our tickets at the reception table we were directed into a room where fans were eagerly awaiting a chance to meet Pia Mia and have their pictures taken with her.

When my name was called, mom and I went to the room where the greeting and picture taking was taking place. As we were walking in you could hear the young girls talking about how nice she was. I wasn’t really expecting that. The pictures I had seen of her don’t really portray a sweet friendly girl. The pictures I saw didn’t do her personality justice. She smiles a lot! As soon as we walked up to her she exclaimed that she loved my kitty ears. Yes, I had on  my kitty ears, long story. And then I introduced myself and my mom. And she told my mom that she liked her necklace, the spondylus my mom always wears. We took a few pictures, hugged her, and thanked her.

pia mia, guam

The ballroom they set up for the dinner show was a lot more intimate than I had expected. The 10 or so tables were mostly filled with Pia’s family and lucky young fans. The table we were seated at included a father, his teenage daughter, and her boyfriend, a Russian couple visiting Guam, and a mother with her two daughters, who were obviously big Pia Mia fans. Both mom and I had busy day so we had both skipped lunch. Thankfully, the dinner was amazing.

dessert, westin

Soon after our dessert plates were gone the short interview began. We learned about her excitement and disbelief about being recognized by Billboard as a new artist to watch in 2014. She talked about how she loves telling people about Guam and how she’s hoping to gain at least 10 pounds off all the local food she’ll be eating while she’s home. The Westin explained their wellness program and gifted Pia Mia with some work out shoes and clothes, knowing that she is a fitness buff. She was excited and showed genuine appreciation. It was cute seeing her give the Westin GM a big grateful hug.

Then the show began. We weren’t expecting to stay for the whole show since both mom and I had to wake up early the next morning. I had quickly watched a couple of her music videos that afternoon, and they were good, just not my thing. But the show, the show was fun, packed a lot of energy in that small room, and kept me pretty entertained. The two young fans at our table sat themselves on the floor by the stage. And Pia Mia took the time to acknowledge them while they recorded her performance on their phones.

pia mia

We stayed. And when it was over I had so much pride in this girl that I still didn’t know too much about. What I did know was that she is one of ours. And I hope for the absolute best for her. I hope she stays on course making her family, her island, and most especially herself, proud. I hope for her wellness and that she gets good guidance in her career and in life. She is an example of what our youth need to see, more success stories.

Good luck Pia Mia Perez and please continue to come home.

BTW, part of the proceeds from the dinner show ticket sales benefit UNICEF.


4 thoughts on “One of our own, Pia Mia

  1. I really appreciate you honest opinion of her. I had heard of Pia Mia before and had watched some of her earlier Youtube videos and she was pretty alright. Her image and her sound drastically changed since she left Guam and it sort of turned me off to her. Her image and the way she portrays herself to the public now seems like she’s trying too hard to be the next Rihanna, and while I applaud her success, I do feel like she’s going in the wrong direction. But, that’s just my personal opinion. I think the fact that you, someone who is not a fan, actually enjoyed her performance and thought she was really genuine and sincere when meeting her in person says a lot about her. I hope that she can find a way to show everyone else her real personality too.

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    1. Thank you, Jessica. I was thinking something similar when I saw her videos. Her music does seem to have some Rihanna influence and I think Pia’s voice could be used better. The major factor for me when deciding how I felt about her was not that she was from Guam or even what her music sounds like now, but that she’s 17. She has so much time to grow as an artist. Hopefully she uses her talent and opportunities to their fullest potential while maintaining her sanity and pleasant personality.


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