Eat Local, Gift Local


This picture is actually from a couple weeks ago. It’s a healthy mid day office snack made up of local mango, local mountain apple, and not local coconut water. How awesome would it have been if I had a local coconut with a straw on it on my desk? I think my bosses would be a little concerned if I walked in to the office with a machete though. Hmmmm….

You know what is really cool? I got the mountain apple as an opening night gift. One of my best friend’s mom picked them for me from the tree in her yard. I imagine that in other places, you’d get a bouquet of flowers for your opening night. I got a bouquet of mountain apples. I love it! And that wasn’t the only yard based congratulatory gift. I also got two Tropical Art arrangements from Simeon Palomo, who has a book out about how his passion, making beautiful arrangements from locally grown plants.


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