Fuji Ichiban, home of awesome food and incredible art

Fuji Ichiban, Guam, ramen, art

Isn’t that art work awesome?! I’ve been meaning to post about this artwork and the restaurant it is in for so long.

about the artwork: I can’t decide what is my favorite element of this piece. I love the scales on the koi and the way the artist managed to get all the different ingredients into the yakisoba. Maybe my favorite element is the steam coming from the pot. I love that it flows through the bamboo. Under the plate of  gyoza, it is signed Joanne F. Almajose. I asked one of the waitresses about the artist and they said that she works at the restaurant and is really young.

about the food: Fuji Ichiban is awesome when you want affordable Japanese fast food. I suggest the chahan, the amazu karaage, and the mayo karaage. That is our favorite go to meal at Fuji. The gyoza is really good too.


2 thoughts on “Fuji Ichiban, home of awesome food and incredible art

    1. Awesome! Hope you enjoy it! Just a bit of a warning: they are closed on Monday mornings, the service is really great or not so much, and it gets really packed for dinner – expect a line. But the food and art is worth it.


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