I wish I felt like this

Reconstructing Wonderland x illusdreted.com

I’ve been feeling really yucky lately. I should feel pretty good. Everything is going fairly well. I’ve been having anxiety attacks though. I might just be adjusting to all the things I have going on in my life, work and personal.

Today I was fighting with a cartoon block and a deadline. I had personal issues running through the back of my mind. I also really miss my best friend. I was frazzled and lonely.

After some struggling, I made my deadline.

But the other stuff was still bothering me. Plus I knew that there would be more deadlines to come. I just wasn’t feeling very strong. I felt down on myself, like I wasn’t doing my best.

An awesome part of being an artist is that when you aren’t feeling strong or beautiful, at least you can attempt to create something strong and beautiful.


8 responses to “I wish I felt like this

  1. You’ll be fine. Beautiful illustration. I’ll be home soon. I’m heading to LAX and then onto Narita!

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  2. I know. I’m looking forward to having you back here. Bring Nella on your way back? 😝


  3. Know those feelings well. Hang in there and go easy on yourself x


  4. Beautiful artwork! Sorry that you’ve been feeling down. Hopefully the sunshine will bring at least a little light to your day.

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  5. Gorgeous artwork, very talented! Hope things get better for you.


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