A few of my favorite artists’ blogs

5 of my favorite artists' blogs - reconstructing wonderland

I enjoy following other artists’ blogs. They can be a great source of inspiration, motivation, and just plain enjoyment. I love seeing my reader filled with fun illustrations, beautiful paintings, and awe inducing animations.

1. myfanwytristram.com

myf draws apparently - one of my favorite artists' blogs

I really like Myfanwy’s illustration style. I especially like this comic strip. She also sells prints, postcards, and greeting cards.

2. doodlemum.com

doodle mum - one of my favorite artists' blogs

Angie’s posts are consistent on my reader. That is a great thing. I really wish I was as consistent with my blog. Her illustrations are super cute. I always want to doodle my life after visiting her blog.

3. kellymarie21.wordpress.com

kellymarieholmes - one of my favorite artists' blogs

Kelly is another super consistent blogger. I subscribe to her blog via email, so I get sent her little illustration treats straight to my inbox. Besides illustrating her characters with bits of attitude (the best kind), she is also an animator.

4. karengillmoreart.com

karen gillmore - one of my favorite artists' blogs

Karen’s blog is so awesome! I love her comic strips featuring her Art Muse and I enjoyed the updates on her Spam illustrations. Her blog is always a motivator.

5. prashart.blogspot.com

prashart - one of my favorite artists' blogs

I have been following Prashant Miranda’s blog for years. I think his blog and artwork may have helped me realize that illustration was what I wanted to do. His work is so beautiful. It’s whimsical and moving and just amazing. And then there is his animated work which is just ridiculously magical.

I recommend that you check out these blogs, even if you aren’t an artist. Are you subscribed to any art blogs? What are your favorites? Do you have an artists’ blog? If you do please share a link in the comments. I’m always on the look out for new blogs to follow and art to swoon over.


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