What just happened?!

guahusicharlie round

I had a rough start to my morning yesterday and had to work really early. I was also thinking about a cartoon deadline and trying to go through some of the topics I had gathered in my head yesterday. As I was mentally sorting through local news stories in my head, I decided to look to Twitter for some cartooning motivation. But my feed was filled with cartoons and stories on the tragedy in Paris. The local news in my head evaporated and I just felt incredible sadness and disbelief at what I was reading. The solidarity in the cartoons, while hopeful, still made it really hard to fight back what would become sobs if I didn’t get a hold of myself.

This one broke my heart –

It’s all pretty heavy. And this situation is ridiculous. I get that cartoons and writing and films have the power to be extremely offensive. I don’t love, or even agree with, every cartoon I see. But like most people, I usually just bitch about it to whoever is closest to me. In one instance though I saw a cartoon in a local paper that really got to me. It made me so angry. So I armed myself. I loaded a pen with ink and fired back with a cartoon of my own. We have evolved! Haven’t we?

Here is the cartoon I did for the today’s issue of the Marianas Variety Guam Edition.

Guahu si Charlie! - Nezumi on Reconstructing Wonderland


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