Storm Damage and Storm Gifts

I kept putting off harvesting the mangos on the branches that hung over on our side of the fence. I kept thinking, I’ll do it tomorrow.

Yesterday, as Dolphin was heading away from us, I went to check the damage. My family was lucky. We were only inconvenienced with boredom, from the lack of electricity and of course, messy yards. And even the messy yards were scattered with gifts. My sister in law was giving friends and neighbors avacados. She had a wagon full. My father gave away bags of mangos to neighbors. Some young boys knocked on his open window to ask if they could pick some of the left over fallen mango. They only took a polite amount and thanked us before leaving with their treats.

reconstructing wonderland - mango

My life recently has felt like one storm after another. So this actual typhoon was a bit nice for me. I was born and raised here. Some of my favorite, clearest childhood memories are of the super typhoons that our island endured quite regularly. In fact, a favorite old family photo is one of my brother and I outside during the eye of a storm, Yuri or Omar, I think. Dealing with typhoons can suck, but it’s something I know for sure I can survive and even make the most of. Dealing with life’s “storms” is a bit different. Typhoon Dolphin kind of reminded me that a storm is a storm. And a survivor is a survivor.

Also – Power outages suck, but Allan can usually turn crappy circumstances in to a party, like this …

reconstructing wonderland - power outage party


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