A Dream Job: styling window displays

I’ve always appreciated a well put together retail window display. I don’t remember seeing too many really stand out displays here in Guam, from my childhood. I do remember seeing them in movies though. I always wanted to visit New York in December to experience the Christmas window displays.

Now Pleasure Island, our tourist strip, is lined with luxury retailers and a few boutique shopping centers with some flashy window styling. I’m guessing that DFS, now T Galeria, has the only windows that have a local design team. I might be wrong about that, but I doubt it. The rest probably receive props, brand collateral and plans sent in from their corporate offices. Bummer. We have a lot of creatives here.

For the last year I’ve been styling the window of a local flower shop, My Secret Garden. It’s definitely on my list of dream jobs.picsart_11-17-08.38.24.jpg

I’ve spent quite a few hours on the flower shop floor cutting props out of cardboard and folding paper flowers. I’ve spent many more hours with my back exposed to the sun and traffic in the shop window painting sunsets, bright mosaics, and trees on to the wall that acts as a background for the display. And I love it! Okay, I wish I had a cloak of invisibility for those high traffic days, but otherwise I really enjoy having a consistent seasonal project. The staff at the flower shop are so talented and great to be around also. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable at their craft. I love watching them create their beautiful floral displays.picsart_11-17-08.26.24.jpg

I’d love to hear what some of your dream jobs are. Let me know in the comments what they are or if you’re currently working your dream job.



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