Green Inspiration In Illustration

I've been obsessing about house plants for the last few months or so. It started with an article I read about how having plants in your work space can increase productivity. I read that a long time ago. Since I read that article, I had been trying to bring in plants. It didn't work out … Continue reading Green Inspiration In Illustration


A few of my favorite artists’ blogs

I enjoy following other artists' blogs. They can be a great source of inspiration, motivation, and just plain enjoyment. I love seeing my reader filled with fun illustrations, beautiful paintings, and awe inducing animations. 1. I really like Myfanwy's illustration style. I especially like this comic strip. She also sells prints, postcards, and greeting … Continue reading A few of my favorite artists’ blogs

This is my home.

Creative Sessions on Guam – Creative Indeed

If you live on Guam and are looking for an artistic outlet, you might want to check out the creative sessions that Michelle at Creative Indeed organizes. Whether you are looking for some encouragement or guidance in painting or you'd like some motivation to finally start that art journal you've been dreaming about, these sessions can … Continue reading Creative Sessions on Guam – Creative Indeed

Inspiration from You Tube 02

Wasn't that awesome?! Yes. Yes, it was. Want to see more from Mary Doodles?  Yes. Yes, you do. Mary Doodles on You Tube

Inspiration from You Tube

I subscribe to The Creator's Project on You Tube.  It's a great source for inspiration and entertainment.  Recently they posted this piece where Benjamin Renner talks about the animation for Ernest and Celestine.  I love the animation aesthetic they employed. The watercolor work and computer animation went together so well.  I'd love to do something … Continue reading Inspiration from You Tube