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Green Inspiration In Illustration


I’ve been obsessing about house plants for the last few months or so. It started with an article I read about how having plants in your work space can increase productivity. I read that a long time ago. Since I read that article, I had been trying to bring in plants. It didn’t work out to well, until recently.

I started my collection with just the elephant ears and bamboo in one water filled vase . They surprisingly thrived. And so did the mosquitoes that were nesting in my beautiful mini water garden. Gross. Allan wanted me to get rid of the plants. I compromised. I moved the bamboo into an old glass 7UP bottle. The narrow bottle neck took care of the mosquito problem while keeping the bamboo in water. I moved the elephant ears in to a Jack Daniel’s Coffee tin with dirt I snagged from a plant outside.

Since then, I’ve found more containers to fill with dirt and plants from our yard. I even bought a little plant from Home Depot. That was a disappointment though. It brought aphids with it. Thankfully I caught it before it turned into a furry white epidemic spreading to my precious boonie plants. Even after saving it from the aphids the poor little guy shriveled in to a sad pile. I probably should’ve changed out the soil and gave it some of the love filled local dirt.


Elephant ears are definitely my favorite. I love the huge leaves. I also love these neni leaves that I can grow in itty bitty jars, like the one above. Most of the plants are in the living room of my apartment. I keep the bamboo and the small elephant ears in my art space though. The coffee tin elephant ears outgrew their spot in the studio – from 2 leaves to 4 going on 5.

I’m not sure if the indoor plant life has increased my productivity, but the plants have been an inspiration. They’ve been showing up in my art and doodles a lot.

Do you have any tips for keeping houseplants happy and healthy? What are your favorite house plants? I’d love to hear if about it.


A few of my favorite artists’ blogs

5 of my favorite artists' blogs - reconstructing wonderland

I enjoy following other artists’ blogs. They can be a great source of inspiration, motivation, and just plain enjoyment. I love seeing my reader filled with fun illustrations, beautiful paintings, and awe inducing animations.


myf draws apparently - one of my favorite artists' blogs

I really like Myfanwy’s illustration style. I especially like this comic strip. She also sells prints, postcards, and greeting cards.


doodle mum - one of my favorite artists' blogs

Angie’s posts are consistent on my reader. That is a great thing. I really wish I was as consistent with my blog. Her illustrations are super cute. I always want to doodle my life after visiting her blog.


kellymarieholmes - one of my favorite artists' blogs

Kelly is another super consistent blogger. I subscribe to her blog via email, so I get sent her little illustration treats straight to my inbox. Besides illustrating her characters with bits of attitude (the best kind), she is also an animator.


karen gillmore - one of my favorite artists' blogs

Karen’s blog is so awesome! I love her comic strips featuring her Art Muse and I enjoyed the updates on her Spam illustrations. Her blog is always a motivator.


prashart - one of my favorite artists' blogs

I have been following Prashant Miranda’s blog for years. I think his blog and artwork may have helped me realize that illustration was what I wanted to do. His work is so beautiful. It’s whimsical and moving and just amazing. And then there is his animated work which is just ridiculously magical.

I recommend that you check out these blogs, even if you aren’t an artist. Are you subscribed to any art blogs? What are your favorites? Do you have an artists’ blog? If you do please share a link in the comments. I’m always on the look out for new blogs to follow and art to swoon over.


This is my home.

Creative Sessions on Guam – Creative Indeed

If you live on Guam and are looking for an artistic outlet, you might want to check out the creative sessions that Michelle at Creative Indeed organizes. Whether you are looking for some encouragement or guidance in painting or you’d like some motivation to finally start that art journal you’ve been dreaming about, these sessions can help inspire and motivate the artist in you. She also has sessions specifically for children. This can prove to be a great experience for your child.




Michelle is an amazing artist and an inspiring woman. Her artwork is very intuitive and intense. She has the most nurturing personality and as busy and motivated as she is, she always seems calm and grounded.

Check out Creative Indeed to learn more about Michelle, her artwork, and her Creative sessions. You won’t regret it. If you don’t live on Guam, you might still want to check out her artwork.

Inspiration from You Tube 02

Wasn’t that awesome?! Yes. Yes, it was.

Want to see more from Mary Doodles?  Yes. Yes, you do.

Mary Doodles on You Tube

Inspiration from You Tube

I subscribe to The Creator’s Project on You Tube.  It’s a great source for inspiration and entertainment.  Recently they posted this piece where Benjamin Renner talks about the animation for Ernest and Celestine.  I love the animation aesthetic they employed. The watercolor work and computer animation went together so well.  I’d love to do something like this one day.