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The gift of working your land, however small it is.

The CHamoru word for land is Tåno. We are taotao tåno, people of the land. Most families once had ranches. Some still do. When I was a kid my cousins and I would spend the weekends in Ipan with our grandparents and our mothers at our Granny’s house. We would help clean green onions from the garden and we’d run around snacking on the ranch’s bananas, iba, and even the sweet nectar from Granny’s ixora plants.

We rarely go to Ipan anymore. Granny and Grandma have gone and we’ve all grown up. Some of us have left the island and some of us are renters, taotao tåno, with out tåno. I’m pretty lucky though. We rent an apartment in an area that is very commercial, but we still have a bit space to grow. We are urban gardeners I guess. I spent one of my recent days off trimming the ixora and bougainvillea, pulling down dead pugua branches, and cleaning dead leaves from the bird of paradise.

It rained a few times, just lightly. Enough to remind me to take a break and cool down. My hands and arms ached from reaching, pulling, and clipping, but I didn’t want to stop. It had been a while since I’ve spent that much time working outside. I forgot how much I enjoyed it. I uprooted some bamboo and elephant ears to bring in and put in vases, bringing some tåno in to my home, for days when I can’t get out long enough. I also picked up some fallen mango.

After a refreshing shower and some time relaxing, I decided to peel and cut up the mango. I put the fruit in a couple freezer bags and after dinner I made myself a smoothie.


I put the some of the mango in my smoothie maker along with some ice, a couple dates, and orange juice. I blended that up good and then I added some chia seeds. It was gof mangge, very tasty.


Hopefully I’ll be posting more about my garden adventures and local fruits and veggies. maybe I’ll feature some other urban taotao tåno, apartment lancherus. I’ll even try to sneak some pics of my neighbor’s veggie garden that is growing in our parking lot. I’m not making that up. I’m jealous of her green onions. Say tuned.



Eat Local, Gift Local


This picture is actually from a couple weeks ago. It’s a healthy mid day office snack made up of local mango, local mountain apple, and not local coconut water. How awesome would it have been if I had a local coconut with a straw on it on my desk? I think my bosses would be a little concerned if I walked in to the office with a machete though. Hmmmm….

You know what is really cool? I got the mountain apple as an opening night gift. One of my best friend’s mom picked them for me from the tree in her yard. I imagine that in other places, you’d get a bouquet of flowers for your opening night. I got a bouquet of mountain apples. I love it! And that wasn’t the only yard based congratulatory gift. I also got two Tropical Art arrangements from Simeon Palomo, who has a book out about how his passion, making beautiful arrangements from locally grown plants.

Overnight Oatmeal : strawberry jam, chia, almonds



My second attempt at over night oatmeal

  • oatmeal
  • chia seeds
  • milk
  • strawberry jam
  • almonds


It was pretty tasty. I went in to work and ate half of it by 9 a.m. I was hungry by 11 and had some amazing fried rice. Then I at the rest of the oatmeal around 2.

I thought the chia seeds were supposed to make me less hungry. That wasn’t the case, but then again maybe I just enjoy food too much. While eating this, I couldn’t help but think about how great it would be if I had topped it with crushed bacon instead of almonds.  😦

Body and mind


This beautiful sunset was captured by Colleen Weller.

Isn’t that beautiful? I’ve started walking with my friend, Colleen. We go to the Dededo Sports Complex. When we go around 6 p.m. that is the view we get treated to. It makes exercising a lot more enjoyable.

I’m really enjoying the walking. While we’re walking we do a lot of brainstorming for projects, we get the day’s stress of our chests, and refocus on our individual goals. So it’s become a body and mind workout.

On the nights when we don’t get to go walking I try to get in other workouts. A couple nights ago I took my hoop off the wall and did some cardio hooping. A couple days before that I did a Blogilates arm workout.

So far I think I’m doing okay with my fitness resolution. I just need to come up with a routine, that I can stick too.

How are you doing on your resolutions? Anyone else trying to get fit? Have any tips to share?

Because I love bacon, butter, and bread

I haven’t worked out consistently since my freshman year in high school. That was a very long time ago. I keep telling myself that I’m going to do this and sometimes, I even start. Every time I start, I obsess over it for a few weeks and then slowly start to extend the number of skip days, where I lounge around after work doodling and having Netflix marathons. I make excuses about how tired I am from work or how I need something to motivate me.

I joined Spark People twice. I ordered two hula hoops, bought a Wii, a couple jump ropes, weights, a yoga mat, and own 3 tribal belly dance DVDs. These things come out about once or twice a year, but mostly just collect dust.

The one thing I don’t usually do, is make my desire to get fit public. I’ll joke about it to friends, but I don’t usually present it as a serious thing. I think that keeps me unaccountable. I even had a secret pinterest board for workouts. Yes, I wasted one of my only three secret boards, on getting fit, something we should feel good about.

That is why I’ve decided to put this out there and blog about it. I really want this and if going public shames me in to sticking with it, then it’s worth it. I would love to say that I want to get fit solely to improve my health and lengthen my life. Sure those benefits are cool too, but really I want more energy to do things, things like party all night once in a while. I get lazy and sleepy half way through getting ready now. And of course I want my waist back and I don’t want to have to worry about the angle someone is snapping a photo of me from.

So what is my plan? Well, I made that Pinterest board public. It is my “because I love bacon, butter, and bread” board. I’ve been pinning info graphics, videos, and the occasional comedic relief workout image.

I’ve even started watching AND working out to some of the videos. I really like the Blogilates series. And I found this great tribal fusion belly dance meets yoga workout. I’ll be sharing these videos, as well as the ups and downs of my adventures in working out, in the Fit section of this blog. You can look forward to video reviews and info on the best places to walk, jog, or run on Guåhan. If I’m lucky I might be able to get Viva to do some yoga with me. Have you seen that video on You Tube, of the woman and her dog doing yoga? Look that up! Even a dog can do it, yet I have such a hard time. *sigh*