Eat Local, Gift Local

This picture is actually from a couple weeks ago. It's a healthy mid day office snack made up of local mango, local mountain apple, and not local coconut water. How awesome would it have been if I had a local coconut with a straw on it on my desk? I think my bosses would be … Continue reading Eat Local, Gift Local


Overnight Oatmeal : strawberry jam, chia, almonds

  My second attempt at over night oatmeal oatmeal chia seeds milk strawberry jam almonds   It was pretty tasty. I went in to work and ate half of it by 9 a.m. I was hungry by 11 and had some amazing fried rice. Then I at the rest of the oatmeal around 2. I thought … Continue reading Overnight Oatmeal : strawberry jam, chia, almonds