Drawing People: online resources for figure drawing

I've been drawing people a lot lately. It's been mostly in cartoons and working on comic concepts. Sometimes I use poses straight from my imagination, but more often I use pictures of friends or myself. There are a lot of resources online that can be helpful too though. I'm trying to get a better grasp at … Continue reading Drawing People: online resources for figure drawing


Storm Damage and Storm Gifts

I kept putting off harvesting the mangos on the branches that hung over on our side of the fence. I kept thinking, I'll do it tomorrow. Yesterday, as Dolphin was heading away from us, I went to check the damage. My family was lucky. We were only inconvenienced with boredom, from the lack of electricity … Continue reading Storm Damage and Storm Gifts

Head in the clouds

The start of a new series, I hope. Maybe a book? Or magnets? We'll see where it goes.

RDTD: A Grajek childhood favorite

"One with a light. One with a stick. One with a rope." The Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Old Tree is book that my parents read to my brother when he is was really young. Before he could read he had memorized the story enough that he could "read" it to them. When I was … Continue reading RDTD: A Grajek childhood favorite

Nezumi’s cartooning essentials & extras

Nezumi's cartooning essentials: My cartoons for the Mariana's Variety Guam Edition are published in black and white. This makes my essential supply list pretty simple. I sketch with a basic Steadtler HB pencil. I add the grippies because they're a lot more comfortable when you're drawing for a while. I use two different erasers. While … Continue reading Nezumi’s cartooning essentials & extras

Escaping 2015

I thought this was going to be an even greater year than last year, but stuff happens. And my focus is really screwed. So I think I'm going to conserve some energy for now and escape for a bit. The amber rage in Sothmere has nothing on real life battles.

What just happened?!

I had a rough start to my morning yesterday and had to work really early. I was also thinking about a cartoon deadline and trying to go through some of the topics I had gathered in my head yesterday. As I was mentally sorting through local news stories in my head, I decided to look … Continue reading What just happened?!

Guahu si Charlie. Je suis Charlie. I am Charlie.

Twenty Fifteen

I hope everyone started the year off in a more than pleasant way. In my household we were in bed by midnight sharing nerdy You Tube videos on our phones. While that may not seem to be the party that others would prefer, we actually enjoy that down time. So it wasn't a bad way … Continue reading Twenty Fifteen

Highlights from 2014

I started 2014 off with this blog, Reconstructing Wonderland. My previous blog was titled Waiting for Wonderland. At the end of 2013 I realized that name was poorly chosen. Who wants to wait around for something? 2014 was my year for making things happen. At the beginning of the year there were so many things I … Continue reading Highlights from 2014