Inktober 2016 // Week One Recap

Self accountability can either hurt you or make you stronger. I'm hoping I can whip myself into illustration shape. #Inktober is kind of the Cross Fit of art challenges.


Nezumi’s cartooning essentials & extras

Nezumi's cartooning essentials: My cartoons for the Mariana's Variety Guam Edition are published in black and white. This makes my essential supply list pretty simple. I sketch with a basic Steadtler HB pencil. I add the grippies because they're a lot more comfortable when you're drawing for a while. I use two different erasers. While … Continue reading Nezumi’s cartooning essentials & extras

WOW! – exhibit extended

WOW!, an art exhibit for children and their families, will be up at the CAHA gallery throughout the month of December. If you have the time, please visit the exhibit. You can bring your children during Christmas break. You can get directions and learn more about the gallery on their website.

WOW! an art exhibit for children and their families – throughout November

This past Friday we opened an exhibit for children and their families, at the CAHA gallery. The exhibit will be up throughout November, so even if you missed the opening, there is still time to visit the exhibit. WOW! is something that has been brewing in my head for a while now. So earlier this … Continue reading WOW! an art exhibit for children and their families – throughout November

Summer art program for Guam’s teens

Check out the awesome work that the students in my DIY class did. We made pop up cards for our 3rd class. Previously we made 2 different kinds of book marks and wall decals. This last week we are working on photo booth props. So far it has been a lot of fun getting to … Continue reading Summer art program for Guam’s teens

A great way to turn thirty.

Wow! I am not sure I have ever been this exhausted. Usually that would be a bad thing, but in my current case it actually feels really good. I started off my last week as a twenty-something, as the Q&A feature in the Sunday Variety. If you haven't seen the Sunday Variety you have to … Continue reading A great way to turn thirty.

illusDREted, art exhibit at Guma TASA this Wednesday

I still have so much work to do, but I'm really excited!  🙂

Creative Spirits

This Friday you have the wonderful opportunity to view and bid on artwork to support a really great cause. This is something that is very close to my heart. My mother is the director of Guma Mami, so I see first hand what the staff and volunteers do. I see how hard they work towards … Continue reading Creative Spirits

Last night for the Artisan Collective Series at Guma’ TASA

Come create with me tonight, Saturday, May 31. I'll be at Guma Tasa from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. for the Artisan Collective Series. Admission is $10. We're raising money for The New Artisan Summer Workshops and various non-profit organizations.

Womanagerie, Mar-Vic Cagurangan’s one woman exhibit

This past Wednesday I went to the opening night of Mar-Vic Cagurangan's, Womanagerie. If you live on Guam you may know Mar-Vic from her column, Flights, in the Marianas Variety. She is a captivating writer. What you might not know is that she makes jewelry and doesn't just create art, but she teaches art. Along … Continue reading Womanagerie, Mar-Vic Cagurangan’s one woman exhibit