“Oh well” & a comic strip on cartooning.

Since the first of this month, I've been looking forward to a kind of special day. But today I realized that my special day passed with out me realizing it. May 23 2014 is the day that my first editorial cartoon was published. May 23 2015 - I was super busy and completely forgot about … Continue reading “Oh well” & a comic strip on cartooning.


Nezumi’s cartooning essentials & extras

Nezumi's cartooning essentials: My cartoons for the Mariana's Variety Guam Edition are published in black and white. This makes my essential supply list pretty simple. I sketch with a basic Steadtler HB pencil. I add the grippies because they're a lot more comfortable when you're drawing for a while. I use two different erasers. While … Continue reading Nezumi’s cartooning essentials & extras