Inktober 2016 // Week One Recap

Self accountability can either hurt you or make you stronger. I'm hoping I can whip myself into illustration shape. #Inktober is kind of the Cross Fit of art challenges.


Read, Write, Dream, Draw – The book I illustrated has been published!

I missed a pretty awesome opportunity a little while ago. A series of workshops for children’s book authors and illustrators was being offered. If you had an interest in creating children’s books and could commit to all the days of the workshops, the opportunity was available and it was funded through a grant, making it … Continue reading Read, Write, Dream, Draw – The book I illustrated has been published!

Head in the clouds

The start of a new series, I hope. Maybe a book? Or magnets? We'll see where it goes.

Merry Christmas!

A few of my favorite artists’ blogs

I enjoy following other artists' blogs. They can be a great source of inspiration, motivation, and just plain enjoyment. I love seeing my reader filled with fun illustrations, beautiful paintings, and awe inducing animations. 1. I really like Myfanwy's illustration style. I especially like this comic strip. She also sells prints, postcards, and greeting … Continue reading A few of my favorite artists’ blogs

I wish I felt like this

I've been feeling really yucky lately. I should feel pretty good. Everything is going fairly well. I've been having anxiety attacks though. I might just be adjusting to all the things I have going on in my life, work and personal. Today I was fighting with a cartoon block and a deadline. I had personal … Continue reading I wish I felt like this

Outfit of the (stormy) day

Guam was visited by tropical storm Halong on Wednesday. I went to get some batteries and breakfast early in the day and it was a rare moment when I remembered that I own rain boots. I don't wear them as much since my rain boots partner has moved to San Diego. I miss you, Nella!! … Continue reading Outfit of the (stormy) day

An illustrated scenario

  Merlot + captured + skull This was a fun activity. And I was really excited that everyone was able to finish.

A great way to turn thirty.

Wow! I am not sure I have ever been this exhausted. Usually that would be a bad thing, but in my current case it actually feels really good. I started off my last week as a twenty-something, as the Q&A feature in the Sunday Variety. If you haven't seen the Sunday Variety you have to … Continue reading A great way to turn thirty.

illusDREted, art exhibit at Guma TASA this Wednesday

I still have so much work to do, but I'm really excited!  🙂