Inktober 2016 // Week One Recap

Self accountability can either hurt you or make you stronger. I'm hoping I can whip myself into illustration shape. #Inktober is kind of the Cross Fit of art challenges.


Nezumi’s cartooning essentials & extras

Nezumi's cartooning essentials: My cartoons for the Mariana's Variety Guam Edition are published in black and white. This makes my essential supply list pretty simple. I sketch with a basic Steadtler HB pencil. I add the grippies because they're a lot more comfortable when you're drawing for a while. I use two different erasers. While … Continue reading Nezumi’s cartooning essentials & extras

Merry Christmas!

More from the ocean of my imagination

Neither of these pieces are finished. I won't be posting finished pieces until after my show, in June. I had to share these WIPs though. We have jellyfish on Guam, but I've never seen one. So I don't know why I keep wanting to draw them. Hmmm.... Have you ever seen a jellyfish?

Work in progress.

  This is coming to me sooooo sloooowly. But I figure it is better to take your time and get it right.  Yet, I still managed an unintentional ink spot. Oh well, I did want to add some fish.

Inspiration from You Tube 02

Wasn't that awesome?! Yes. Yes, it was. Want to see more from Mary Doodles?  Yes. Yes, you do. Mary Doodles on You Tube