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Quick & Tasty: Wraps

Quick & Tasty (1)

I have a pretty awesome day job that has me home in time to make dinner. I rarely do though. Allan  is a great cook, so I usually leave that to him. Some days though even he’s to burned out to cook. On those days we want something quick that doesn’t sacrifice on flavor and nutrition. Wraps are great for this. Plus on a really busy week you can go through a bunch of combinations with out your taste buds getting bored. We ran out of tortillas before we got tired of the wraps.

What are some of your favorite wrap combos?


Tsukune Chi… er Turkey

Allan and I were watching a runnyrunny999 recipe video a couple days ago. It looked so oishi that I managed to convince Allan to make it for our dinner that same night. Tsukune chicken is Japanese chicken meatballs. We weren’t able to find ground chicken at our grocery store. We used ground turkey instead. Runny’s recipe also calls for yuzu, which I haven’t seen on Guam. So we skipped that. Instead of the nori strips and sesame seeds, we use furikake over the rice to save time and money. Despite all the substitutions and omissions, the tsukune turkey tasted amazing. You have to try it!

tsukune turkey - as seen on You Tube - Reconstructing Wonderland

The original video recipe can be found here.

Have you ever tried Tsukune chicken? Who is your favorite You Tube chef

As seen on Pinterest: Pizza Roll-Ups

Pizza Roll-Ups on Reconstructing Wonderland

I decided that this pin of easy to make Pizza Roll-Ups looked to yummy and too easy for me to pass up. Well… I left it in a bit too long and it came out a bit too crunchy. Oh well, it was still pretty yummy! I couldn’t find string cheese at my grocery store, so I just cut up a block of mozzarella.

Fuji Ichiban, home of awesome food and incredible art

Fuji Ichiban, Guam, ramen, art

Isn’t that art work awesome?! I’ve been meaning to post about this artwork and the restaurant it is in for so long.

about the artwork: I can’t decide what is my favorite element of this piece. I love the scales on the koi and the way the artist managed to get all the different ingredients into the yakisoba. Maybe my favorite element is the steam coming from the pot. I love that it flows through the bamboo. Under the plate of  gyoza, it is signed Joanne F. Almajose. I asked one of the waitresses about the artist and they said that she works at the restaurant and is really young.

about the food: Fuji Ichiban is awesome when you want affordable Japanese fast food. I suggest the chahan, the amazu karaage, and the mayo karaage. That is our favorite go to meal at Fuji. The gyoza is really good too.

Eat Local, Gift Local


This picture is actually from a couple weeks ago. It’s a healthy mid day office snack made up of local mango, local mountain apple, and not local coconut water. How awesome would it have been if I had a local coconut with a straw on it on my desk? I think my bosses would be a little concerned if I walked in to the office with a machete though. Hmmmm….

You know what is really cool? I got the mountain apple as an opening night gift. One of my best friend’s mom picked them for me from the tree in her yard. I imagine that in other places, you’d get a bouquet of flowers for your opening night. I got a bouquet of mountain apples. I love it! And that wasn’t the only yard based congratulatory gift. I also got two Tropical Art arrangements from Simeon Palomo, who has a book out about how his passion, making beautiful arrangements from locally grown plants.


When you want something not so healthy

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