Food & Beer // Sarasota Part Two

The prices in Sarasota, for food, are amazing. Allan and I love to eat! And the cost of food here, in Guam, can make it hard to satisfy our foodie tendencies. Sarasota had such affordable food. We went nuts and dad totally indulged us. Here are some of the tasty highlights that I'd suggest if … Continue reading Food & Beer // Sarasota Part Two


Quick & Tasty: Wraps

I have a pretty awesome day job that has me home in time to make dinner. I rarely do though. Allan  is a great cook, so I usually leave that to him. Some days though even he's to burned out to cook. On those days we want something quick that doesn't sacrifice on flavor and … Continue reading Quick & Tasty: Wraps

Tsukune Chi… er Turkey

Allan and I were watching a runnyrunny999 recipe video a couple days ago. It looked so oishi that I managed to convince Allan to make it for our dinner that same night. Tsukune chicken is Japanese chicken meatballs. We weren't able to find ground chicken at our grocery store. We used ground turkey instead. Runny's recipe … Continue reading Tsukune Chi… er Turkey

As seen on Pinterest: Pizza Roll-Ups

I decided that this pin of easy to make Pizza Roll-Ups looked to yummy and too easy for me to pass up. Well... I left it in a bit too long and it came out a bit too crunchy. Oh well, it was still pretty yummy! I couldn't find string cheese at my grocery store, so … Continue reading As seen on Pinterest: Pizza Roll-Ups

Fuji Ichiban, home of awesome food and incredible art

Isn't that art work awesome?! I've been meaning to post about this artwork and the restaurant it is in for so long. about the artwork: I can't decide what is my favorite element of this piece. I love the scales on the koi and the way the artist managed to get all the different ingredients into … Continue reading Fuji Ichiban, home of awesome food and incredible art

Eat Local, Gift Local

This picture is actually from a couple weeks ago. It's a healthy mid day office snack made up of local mango, local mountain apple, and not local coconut water. How awesome would it have been if I had a local coconut with a straw on it on my desk? I think my bosses would be … Continue reading Eat Local, Gift Local